Yogi Network is a dynamic tech-driven company at the forefront of digital innovation.
Comprising two distinct yet complementary platforms, RabbitLoader and myMandap,
we are dedicated to shaping the future of website optimization and redefining the
wedding venue booking experience.

RabbitLoader, our flagship WordPress plugin, empowers website owners with the tools to
achieve maximum page speed with minimal effort. With 4000+ active users and boasting
a 4-star review, RabbitLoader stands as a testament to our commitment to seamless
digital experiences.

On the other front, myMandap.in offers a curated selection of the finest wedding venues
in India. We take pride in facilitating dream weddings by providing a platform that
simplifies and enhances the venue booking process.

At Yogi Network, our core values of innovation, customer-centricity, and excellence drive
every endeavor. We invite you to explore our world, where technology meets celebration,
and together, we redefine what’s possible in the digital landscape.